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I agree with writng down everything.

Also, I use a reward system. for every 10 lbs I loose, I will go buy myself something.. I pre-decide what I want..
at 10 lbs, I purchased an i-tunes gift card to add more music to my ipod
at 20 lbs I purchased new sneakers
at 30 lbs I WILL buy new jeans
at 40 lbs I WILL get a pedicure
at 50 lbs I WILL do a day at the spa

that way I decide every time I put food in my mouth, would I rather have food that lasts for a few minutes or work my way to my goals...

also if I feel hungry I will drink 16 oz of water and then wait 10 minutes before I would get something to eat. I have heard that sometimes your body confuses hunger with thirst/dehydration.

I drink 64 oz of water a day, so I am usually floating and that makes me not want to eat..

chew gum if you want to eat,sometimes my mouth just wants to chew so gum will give me the same sensation(actually it tires out my jaw so I do not want to eat) gum helps a lot....
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