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I would think curves would be a great program, as long as you aren't using energy drinks for rehydration. It is a circuit program, correct? Did they check your body fat? I cut out every drink except water and also all chips and desserts to lose my weight (I had about 20 lb to lose too). I did a mixture of circuit training, HIIT, weight training and running. I used a trainer for the first 4 months and did it on my own after. The trainer was the best money I ever spent.

I also tracked everything I ate and planned my meals in advance to make sure I wouldn't go over. I even tracked my supplements; did you know a fibre supplement - 1 serving - has 20 calories? So does an omega 3 chew and a calcium chew.

If you are having trouble running, you could also do run/walks starting at running for 1 minute and walking for 1 minute, moving the running portion up by 1 minute each week. Start at 20 minutes total. You could also try bringing an MP3 player along and using music to make it less boring.
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