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Default Food for thought

My problem with artificial sweeteners isn't based on conspiracy theory. It's based on science - actually the lack of science behind the FDA approval on all food additives. The studies used to support approval are from the industries the FDA is supposed to be regulating.

Out of 166 studies on the safety of aspartame, 74 were funded by the companies that make and market it. 100% of those 74 studies confirmed its safety. Many of the studies were flawed and/or designed to have certain outcomes:
Scientific Abuse in Seizure Research Related to Aspartame

Debunking the "Official Aspartame Myth

Of the remaining that were independently funded (meaning - there was no economic stake in the findings) only 8% confirmed the claims of safety.

92% of the independent studies found problems with aspartame and indicated that it may risk consumer health. There is cause for concern and further (sound, independent) study is needed.

It's not just the FDA that's the problem though - it's all our government agencies. Look at who runs the EPA, the SEC, and the USDA. They all have insiders from the industries they're supposed to be regulating at the top. They all have conflicts of interest that work in opposition to the public health they are charged to protect.

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