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Question New and need to keep it going...Can't pick a Goal!

Hello everyone!

Ok so I started loosing weight in mid Aug by accident and just kept going... Started at 207 I can't believe I admitted that in public! Now Oct 11th I am down to 173 !

When I started out I wanted to be down to 170 by Oct 16th as we are having a girls only mini reunion. I will hit that goal!

Then I wanted to be 160 by my week in Vegas vacation Nov 22nd. I am pretty sure that is obtainable.

Here is the catch, my daughter just sprung a Dec. 11th wedding on me! (and Im going to be a GRANDMA! ) I would love to be 150-155 by then.

It is getting harder everyday, the weight loss is getting slower and slower. I have added a 15 min workout video to target my problem area my belly and I am trying to run everyday, but only a half mile so really not a runner!!!

Im around 1000 calories so it would be hard to cut more calories. Any suggestions? BTW im 5'7 and a half I tell my husband! I am 37 and I have 3 kids 20, 17 and 14. I say it is baby fat but 14 years later thats not working for me!

Any help is very welcome I am so glad I found FitDay!

Started Aug. 12th 207
Currently Oct 11th 173
Goal (no clue) Dec 11th 155? HELP

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