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I am a big fan of Paleo style diets.

The couple of times I have done a strict paleo diet--where you just eat meat, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables--I had great energy and satiation level (hunger came on gradually and without big cravings, instead of suddenly) and in fact had a lot of trouble eating enough when I merely ate when I was hungry.

You end up eating a larger percentage of your calories from fat (it was about 50% for me, with about 25-30% carbs and 20-25% protein) but because it is pared with veggies and good protein sources--instead of refined carbohydrates--you don't end up over eating and you stay satiated for a long time. Naturally lower carbohydrate intake will also help more of the weight loss to come from fat instead of muscle.

It does take some planning, but not that much. Learning to cook for one's self instead of relying on crappy processed food and frozen dinners is an immensely important step for anyone trying to improve their body composition anyway, regardless of what kinds of foods they choose to eat. Crock pot recipes, big batches of stuff so you have left overs, and a lunch cooler to bring to work are the keys in my experience.

So, Primal/Paleo diets: highly recommended for people trying to lose fat.
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