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Default Try getting some sweets

I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but you might want to let yourself have some sweets so you don't end up gorging on them when you hit a rough patch. It might make the weight loss a little easier too.

I buy the light ice cream that is about 100-150 calories per half cup and have that after dinner. Use small bowls or tea cups and keep to the serving size. Another alternative is instant pudding made with skim milk. I think thats only about 140 calories per serving. It can help with a chocolate cravings. Eat the ice cream or pudding slowly and enjoy them. Finally, there are the chocolate chip chewy granola bars that are around 100 calories. They are very good for helping the sweets cravings. Since they are individually wrapped, it discourages you from eating more than 1.

Milk is good after a workout and chocolate milk is fun. Kind of makes it a reward after a workout.

Just make sure that any of these fit into your calorie/exercise budget.

Good luck.
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