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Default New Here...Need Help Please!

Hi everyone, I'm new here. Actually I began exercising on August 9, 2010 and also began watching what I ate. I'm now full force into the whole fitness thing and have lost 11 pounds since that day. I joined another website that helps you to track your progress and today I found this site. I decided to join here and see if I can get more advice on how to achieve my goals. My first goal here is to lose 14 pounds by the beginning of December. I believe that is doable but so far it has taken me 8 weeks just to lose the 11 I lost. On the other website under the exercise category it tells you to "eat" back the calories you have burned through your workout. Not so sure this is benefiting me. Right now Fit Day says I need 1234 calories to reach my first goal by December. Do they take into account the calories you have burned? I workout 6 mornings a week rotating between Turbo Jam, Step Aerobics, and Crunch workouts. Can anyone help me since I'm new here? Thanks!
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