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Question How to get husband motivated to losin weight?!?!?!

I know my husband wants to lose weight & get healthy, we are tryin to start a family, but how do i "ween" him to eating healthier. He HAS to have some kind of dessert every night, doesnt exercise at all.

He has done ALOT better since weve been together. I got him drinkin NO MORE SODAS! Been 'soda free' bout 5 1/2 years now! ( I myself have to, was dr. pepper 'addict'. Last time i tried a dr. p, was couple years ago an it just made me sick.) I swear he went through 24 pk a week of coke, cut down red meats alot an hes actually eaten more chicken, after over 10 years of smokin, hes been 'smoke free' for almost a year now! He is eaten more furits & veggies, but i guesss its just mainly exercise he needs.

I tell him just jump on my treadmill for at least 10 min in the mornin, work your way up. I think he just needs some motivation, something to get him goin. Any guys out there have any suggestions, or women who have got their husbands movin in the right direction?? help. please........
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