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Hi Fellow Newbies...

Lots of positive energy here...let's all keep it up!!

I just finished inputting my food from going out to dinner...a little panicky because although I didn't "blow it," it is still different from cooking and measuring in your own kitchen! I am just going to put today as one of those days where I maintain (burn what I eat) as opposed to running a deficit to lose pounds. But it is only 6:30 here and I am at 1500+ cals, so that's a little scary. I am going to do treadmill tonight and also my Jillian Michaels shred DVD...I will feel "back on track" after that, I think.

But my personal triumph is that for the first time EVER, we went out to dinner and I did not steal some of my son's fries!! So maybe I do have some self control somewhere.

Have a great rest of the weekend!
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