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Originally Posted by Jenna1977 View Post

Ive tested myself for hypothyrodism and other tests to meassure your metabolism and they all say itīs normal.
If your tests are fine such a slow weight loss has smth to do with the way you eat and exercise.
What is your current weight? How tall are you? What is your BMI? If you are very close to your healthy weight 1 kg per month is not that bad.
How long have you been losing weight? May be you've just hit a plateau
Try to change your exercise routine (if you are usual to low intensity cardio, try some high intensity exercise). Don't forget about strength training.
Change your diet - more protein, less carbs, more greens, less processed foods, etc.
Zig-zag your calorie intake
Drink more water
Green tea
Eat often (small portions)
Rest more (7-8 hours sleep)
Think positive which will reduce your stress level
It will help you to boost your metabolism a little bit
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