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Hi. I just found and joined fitday yesterday. I think it is REALLY going to help to write down EVERYTHING I eat. I decided to check out the forums tonight so that I can find some encouragement along the way - especially in the evenings when I'm home alone and it's so hard not to snack. I had a little weight to lose (about 25 lbs) when I found out I was pregnant with twins in 2005. I had to gain a lot of weight so that they were born healthy and I will never regret that decision. They were both at or over 7 lbs and 20 inches long and I carried them to 37 wks which is great. However, they are now three and I'm still way overweight. My stomach will never be the same, but I know if I can get my weight down and my boobs smaller that it will be easier to work out and tone at that point. I have at least 50 lbs to lose. That's my starting point. I don't have a scale right now because it's broken, so I don't know exactly how much I need to lose, but I guess I'll try to come here for encouragement from all of you since we all have the same goal. I'm determined that THIS year, I WILL make this work. And whoever mentioned writing down the reasons to lose weight? Good idea. I think I'll copy that. Thanks for "listening".
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