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Originally Posted by kathietaylor View Post

Thank you so much for your efforts!! It is awesome being able to see how everyone did like that!! Love it!!

Now I would like to know what the people who lost 6 pounds in one week did last week!!! 8)

I can tell you what I have done in the last 4 months have been.The 1st 2 months all I did was walk because I was just or 300lbs ,I started with 1 mile and built my way up to 5 miles in about 1hr20min.Then I decided to go to 24hr fitness where I can lift weights and do cardio,meanwhile watching what I eat.I like to keep my calories between 1000 and 1300,if you go to low you'll feel exhausted and wore out and to high you may only loose 1/2 pound or nothing a week.My goal is 3-6 pounds a week which is bery doable.

My routine consists of weight lifting and cardio 6 days a week 1 day rest .

I always lift weights first,but thats just me.Monday I'll do upper body then tuesday lower body then back to upper on wednesday and so on giving my body a rest 1 day in between and I usually lift weights for 40min nothing really heavy just really enough to break a sweat.

Then I do the stationary bicycle for at least 1 hr rotating between fat burn and cardio.Im 36 so this depends on your age but when my heart rate gets to about 115 I hit the cardio button and take it up to about 129 -130bpm and then back to fat burn until my heart rate go back down,I do this the whole time and its a great work out.I dont do the treadmill because I find it very boring.

I truely believe everyone is different but eating the right foods with excersize is really whats makes me loose the #'s.I know if I eat 1600 calories in a day even with excersize I'll just be maintaing my weight.If I want to loose weight I can only eat 1000-1300 calories a day and I have to work out and lift weights.Also I eat about every 2-3 hours a day about 6 times wether it be a salad or an orange or whatever just eat every 2-3 hours and then dont eat
after 6:00pm that in itself will help alot.If you feel hungry nail a bottle of water and thats brings me to water.I drink about 7- 12oz bottles of water per day.

I still eat bread but only whole wheat with NO GlUTEN added each slice has about 50calories(sunflower market brand).I eat absolutely nothing processed or with Free Glumatic Acid AKA ( MSG).

I eat bananas,oranges,apples,prunes,cucumbers,chicken,po rk chops,pork roast with sauerkraut,peas,some corn not much though,homemade salsa very few corn chips,brocolli,califlower,lots of onions bell peppers,almonds walnuts sunflowers seeds cashews in moderation because of the high calorie content.I make my own salad dressing using olive oil and balsamic vinegar with fresh crushed garlic in it and a little mustard and shake it up.I also have hamburger patties with carmelized onions and mushrooms and red,yellow,orange bell peppers .These are a few of the things I eat weekly.

I hope I didnt ramble to much
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