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Question Weight loss success follow-up and question . . .

Posted here about my story back in April of this year. In a nutshell, I lost about 80# last year, thanks in large part to FitDay. I reached my goal weight of just under 170, but have been creeping back up. Still about 180-185#, would like to be in mid 170's.

Now, although I am still journalling everyday my intake and exercise activities, I realize I have increased my calories to some extent. I am also doing a bit more weight lifting and leg exercises, and I know my muscle mass has increased. I do not have (nor want) a Muscle Beach physique, but I know some of my increased poundage is due to increased muscle mass.

I know I'm not being very specific here, but you hear people say that "muscle weighs more than fat." Any idea how much? Of the extra 10 -12 # I am carrying, how much could reasonably be muscle?
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