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Hi - I've been reading Sisson's book and some other nutrition books recently (Paleo diet by Loren Cordain, Gut and Psychology syndrome, nutrition and physical degeneration by weston price to name a few) and am starting to move towards a more primal diet. I started by reducing bread this summer (and trying to eat only sourdough when I do) and am cutting out most grains but I still have the occasional piece of bread (just because I was brought up on it and really like it with butter). I have also been reading Stephan Guyenet's blog - whole health source - which is fascinating - he is not quite so extreme as Sisson and Cordain and based on his reading of the scientific literature on nutrition believes that grains (and legumes) are OK in moderation IF prepared properly - soaked, fermented or sprouted (like they are eaten traditionally) - though he does reject wheat because of the gluten. However, in the defence of grains in small quantities, my parents are remarkably healthy and in their 80's and have none of the typical western ailments (cancer, diabetes or CVD) and still eat some bread, cereal, cake and pies. However, most of what they eat otherwise is what they grow in their garden (except meat of course) and my Mom cooks most everything from scratch - they eat a lot of meat and veg meals and usually fruit and either cream or yogurt for dessert. They do not go light on the butter either. My dad still tries to walk around 4 miles a day, sometimes in the hills. So even though I think I might try the primal blueprint diet to lose some weight, I think that longterm one can be fairly healthy still including some grains and dairy in ones diet.

So far, what I have noticed is that I'm not sleeping as well. I don't feel so rested in the morning and sometimes wake up earlier than normal feeling wired! It is very weird. My energy level is great throughout the day with no highs and lows like when you eat lots of carbs and I often don't feel hungry. I'm trying to increase some low level exercise and some intense weight sessions. Not sure about the sprinting - I may try that later as I stubbed my toe recently and it still hurts a bit when I walk. I've not lost much weight yet.

Have you started the primal blueprint yet? If so, how is it going for you.
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