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For breakfast I like something toasted, usually a slimwich, slim bagel, slim bun or 35 calorie bread. I usually put something high protein on the toast, like tuna, cottage cheese, rf cheese, rf peanut butter, ff cream cheese etc etc. I also have a piece of fruit, usually a banana and some coffee with chocolate protein powder, call it a muscle mocha. I only get the protein powder if I put in a solid workout, because otherwise I can't afford the calories. Another thing I like for breakfast is Greek yogurt with a little homemade low-sugar freezer jam stirred in or some frozen blueberries. I shoot for 400-500 calories, and maybe 15-25 grams of protein and some caffeine.

For lunch I'm all about salads and/or leftovers. I shoot for about 300 calories, with a min of 10 grams of protein. I generally have an afternoon snack, but it varies, but I usually try to keep it at 200 calories or less and hopefully it has some protein in it.

We have 3 kids and I hardly have time to cook 1 meal let alone 2, so I look for meals that are healthy, low-cal and kid friendly. Some of my faves are chili, tacos (the fam gets tacos and I make a taco salad), chicken or beef stew (crock pot), omelets, grilled chicken, broiled fish (sometimes the kids get fish sticks, but not always), chicken, pork or beef stir fry (I only take 1/2 cup rice), grilled steak, whole wheat pasta prima vera (lots of veggies, not so much pasta).

That's about all I can think of at the moment. I gotta go put kids to bed.
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