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Tam, I am possibly the biggest lady on the forum, and I want to share some of myself with you so you don't feel alone, and to welcome you. I am new week or so on the lifestyle change, and doing good.

You will do very well, if you keep in mind you are doing this to keep yourself alive.

I had an EKG weeks ago, and it came out bad. I have a cardiologist appointment, and I am 407 lbs, on a 5'10" frame. I'm huge. I can't fit in normal chairs, with arms, and I have to humble myself, go to a window, and ask for a chair without them, so I can fit. It's a humiliating situation we sometimes get ourselves into, but don't lose heart. If I can stick to changing my behavior, you can too and you can do it and become healthy.

I too drink sodas, but I overeat as well, and I don't tend to move around enough. I have been working on those things. Instead of a normal meal (ie: one beef pot pie vs. 6 beef pot pies), I'd eat six. My stomach, inside, must be incredibly large. I am looking at the reduction of food, which is hard, because I feel a bit hungry, but now that I found out my body type (fast oxidizer) I realized I can eat up to six small meals a day and the starvation feeling is finally gone. I eat no more than 1 cup of food, if I can help it. I have broken it to 1.5, but not exceeded that. I don't beat myself up about it. Instead, I hop right back on the horse, and continue as if I didn't slip at all. I figure, why beat myself up for trying my best? Better next time.

You may encounter that. Stick with the program! It passes. Every chance you have, get up and move. If you have Fibro/arthritis, like I do, I know how painful it is. Just keep going. Trust me on gets easier. Last night, I was able to increase the amount of exercise I did and if someone my size, health and who has been so mobility impaired at one point, she couldn't walk more than ten steps at a time, you can do it too!

Encouragement from your family might not show up right away, but when they see you working hard, they will change and try to help. You have to rely on yourself sometimes, for some of us, but we are as reliable as we allow ourselves to become.

I have, for the FIRST time, encouragement from friends here, others like us and my family and I have to's life-changing.

It's early in the game, but I might have lost a pound already and I'm so excited. My doctor said I can stop in and weigh whenever I want.

Moving around is your key to recovery. Giving up sodas is hard...almost hard as it was for me to quit smoking after 22 years, lol. That is pretty hard! But, if I can do it (I have little willpower), then YOU can. You can do this and win. Nobody has to succumb to weight gain when we are in charge of our lives.

Time is the one thing we can't get back. Once it's gone, it's over. Spending it to make ourselves live longer is a priceless journey in self control, amazement at the strength we have and didn't know we had, and in friendship and support. This board has been very supportive.

You are an amazing person, all of the people here are, and you are joining one of the most supportive sites I've ever will be amazed at how fast you begin noticing your intake, exercise, and moods and how they directly effect your eating. It's been very progressive for me.

Congratulations on your change of lifestyle and I know you can do it.
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