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Originally Posted by kathietaylor View Post
She also gave me crap for eating too few calories!! She says I should eat 1600, when I am eating between 1200 - 1400!! She says I am going to become exhausted both mentally and physically if I don't up my calorie intake AND my body will start burning muscle mass to make up for the deficit!!

I don't know what to make of that.
Well, I don't buy into the whole no adult should eat more than 2000 calories thing, but this last part about your caloric intake looks like good advice, Kathie.

Your body doesn't just burn muscle mass when it doesn't get enough fuel - it takes from your organs and bones, too! Your brain only runs on glucose - or ketone bodies as fuel (if it's forced to.) Ketone bodies are formed when your body is metabolizing protein for fuel because there aren't sufficient carbohydrate sources available. That protein will either come from your food or your body (or both.) It places stress on your body and is counter-productive to the stoked metabolism that will help you meet your goals.

If you're starting an exercise program, you might want to add a bit more (even if it's just a small apple sliced up and smeared with some lowfat peanut butter - an hour before you exercise.)
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