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Question Upping Phosphates?

Originally Posted by tabbygyrl View Post
I started my diet a little over a month ago. Joined FitDay on the 13th. Since then I have been paying close attention to my RDI. I noticed I am always lacking enough Phosphorus and Magnesium. I already take Vitamin and Calcium Supplements daily. Are there certain foods that contain these? I dont want to end up taking MORE vitamins/mineral tablets a day.

Thanks!! =D
I would not take the numbers/percentages of phosphates given by FitDay for foods eaten to be correct. I noticed that my average RDA of phosphates was well over the 100% mark from the foods I listed. I then took each individual food I had listed and checked my % of the RDA for that food - on the FitDay list. When I added ALL the foods eaten with their % of phosphate it came to a much smaller %. Since my goal is to REDUCE the amounts of Phosphates - I'm 83 years old and am monitoring my kidney function and high phosphates are a No-No this checking by me meant that I was no longer alarmed at my phosphate intake.
I don't know how the other nutrients stack up but I'm quite upset that I now have to resort to other means of quantifying my phosphates and possibly other nutrients.
I cant understand WHY one would want to increase phosphates especially if one is old and where kidney function decreases by small amounts year by year.
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