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This is exactly why I don't follow a "diet". I try to eat healthy and in a manner I can maintain for life, and I do it eating "regular" food. It's a lot of trial and error to find out what works for YOU. I'm sensitive to low calorie sweeteners, so I prefer to just not eat sweet things instead of using "diet" products. As I write this though, I'm drinking a diet A&W root beer because I'm having a stress related sugar craving, and I know I don't need the calories, This is not something I do every day or even every week. Life demands flexibility, and if the diet pop keeps me out of the ice cream sandwiches, then it's a good choice.

My blood sugar has always been prone to crashing. What works for me is at least 20% protein, 30% if I can manage it, and keep carbs as close to 40% as possible. I don't worry about fat at all. I eat three main meals, and usually a morning and afternoon snack. I eat fruit, protein and a carb for breakfast, a fruit and vegetable on the side with my lunch, and a cup of vegetables, meat, and a small side of carbs for dinner. Morning snack is usually protein heavy, afternoon snack is usually fruit. Fiber and protein keep me stable. Breakfast is critical, if I don't eat breakfast the whole day goes to heck in a handbasket because I'll just binge later.

My only big brand preference is Kashi. They have a lot of high protein high fiber products out there that actually have a flavor instead of a hefty dose of sugar. Next time you're in the supermarket, pick up some Kashi granola bars and compare the nutrition and ingredients to Quaker, then compare them both to "diet" bars (SlimFast is awful!). The "diet" products are the most unhealty of the bunch and the most loaded with sweeteners.

Thats my two cents plus interest, sometimes I get on a roll lol.
If I keep starting over, eventually it will stick, right?

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