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Question Which Type?

I dont like to go on "diets" because everyone on the planet is on a diet. The definition of "diet" refers to the mass you consume. I watch what I eat and follow programs to adjust my diet. However, I am very unsure as to what program to follow. Atkins seems the best since I love meat above cake, snd vegetables are do-able, but its very inflexable. For instance, if I go on a camping trip, or travel a lot, or (like I am currently) live in a dorm, it is near impossible to always find a source of the required foods for Atkins or even just a low-carb lifestyle.

I've never looked in to South Beach much, but by examining their products, theres a lot of quick in their bars and such. I'm very insulin sensitive so that turns my mood in to a mania, and in mania sugar desire links with pleasure.

It seems like the more I know about food, the more I mess up in refining my avoiding "bad" foods as much as possible, but then eating too many of the good because I skipped lunch or another meal because of the bad food. I get afraid that by consuming the "bad" it'll mess up my blood sugar and make me lose control. What do I do?
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