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If you want long term weight loss, forget about cutting carbs, eating nothing but protein, never touching fat and all that other fad diet crappola.
What your body needs is a well balanced diet that includes some of everything and as little processed muck as possible.
Figure out how many calories you burn (takes some experimenting) and then aim to consume less by 3-500 calories a day.
Exercise is key. Get your butt into the gym and do a little bit of everything but start slowly and add just a little weight or a little time (cardio) each session. If you start too hard you'll just be too sore to go back. And going back is everything! Minimum 3 times a week but 5-6 is a WHOLE lot better.
If you want some readable guidance, there is a great new book just out ..."Race Weight" by Matt Fitzgerald. It's NOT just for athletes and this guy writes without the faddish stuff you'll find in a lot of "nutrition" books. Really good common sense info. In the last 3 years, I've gone from 223 to 165. I'm on my way to 155 and I can tell you these last lbs are the hardest but this book has helped me a lot. I only wish I'd had it when I started.
Good luck.
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