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Originally Posted by miceli250 View Post
I had a good high school and college career with sports (Football, Wrestling and Baseball). I have been out of college now for six years and was house sitting new years and saw a scale in the bathroom.

I stepped on and was shocked to see 415. I decided that enough is enough and I needed to change my lifestyle.

I joined a gym that week and fitday not long after.

I was 415.8 on 1/3 and weighed in this morning at 381.4. My first goal is 375, so I am so close to reaching my first weight goal.

I am thinking my next goal should be 340 at the end of April.
Thats Excellent work, keep it up!

For me, I was always the fat kid in school however I got really thin due to just starving myself, then after I had pretty much destroyed my metabolism and started to pig out as I got older and the stresses of life get to you, I just got a bit out of control, I was 218lbs and now at 211lbs, working to my goal of 180lbs.

Got a vegas trip coming up in a year, so would like to feel comfortable taking my shirt off at the pool, rather than just avoiding it.

Its great to read your guys comments, its very inspiring and makes me more determined! I hope you all the best success!
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