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Originally Posted by OtisPT View Post
Ok - thought I post an update on how well this thread has inspired me, (and to keep it at the top for others to see)
I first posted on 20 August, recognising all the bad habits in everything 01gt4.6 said.

I STOPPED making excuses that day.

I now love the swimming and walking I do, I look forward to the heat in my muscles overnight and the next day.

My clothes are literally hanging off me, I've got 1 more notch on my belt left to go, then I'll need a new one. People are starting to comment on me looking slimmer. I feel more full of energy, as I've stopped eating junk. And the things I thought I'd miss - I don't.

...nd I keep coming back to this post and re-reading it to remind me.

Starting Weight - 19 Aug 2010 = 281.25 lbs
Last Weight - 16 Sep 2010 = 259.5 lbs
Total lost in 5 weeks = 21.75 lbs
Ultimate Loss Goal - 1 Jan 2011 = 100 lbs

20% done... one foot in front of the other

Once again - Thanks 01gt4.6
Great job Otis!!!!!!

Keep up the amazing work, I'm happy for you and so glad that I could help!
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