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I've heard that Rachel Ray has a new low-cal cookbook that's getting rave reviews. I don't have it yet, but I love my copy of "365 No Repeats" and a lot of the recipes can be made lower cal by using reduced fat cheese or fat free sour cream, sweet potatoes instead of potatoes etc. etc. I love bread too, so to keep on track I allow 2 servings of whole grain, low-cal grained based carbs per day (to abstain completely would be to set myself up for a hard binge later). So I get 35 calorie/slice whole wheat toast at breakfast and a 100 calorie whole grain slim bun with either lunch or dinner. Another good bread-like option is a quesadilla made with low-cal whole wheat tortillas and reduced fat cheese, just the perfect thing to dip in turkey chili, believe me. The fake fried chicken (or pork chops) in lizzycritters post is very similar to an RR recipe called "Honey Nut Chicken Sticks", these are great hot or cold and almost the perfect thing leftover and diced up on salad.
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