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Originally Posted by swarfel26 View Post
And how do I eat an avocado, just cut it in half and spoon it out?
That's exactly what I do with them, they should give under pressure from your thumb when ripe, but not be totally mushy. You can take one side, make cube slices with a butter knife, then scoop it out for nice size chunks on a salad. They're high in calories but very healthy. Mashed up or sliced, avocado is an excellent substitute for mayo on a sandwich.

I don't worry about sugars that don't come from processed foods. If you're diabetic you might have to watch the natural sugars. The glycemic index factors in the sugar and fiber in a food, so while fruits are high in sugar, the fiber makes them low on the glycemic index. What this means in very simple terms is the fiber slows down the rate at which the fruit is digested, so the sugars are released slowly compared to refined sugars that lack fiber and are therefore digested very quickly.
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