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Stress eating, I feel you. The last days have been just horrible!
My boyfriend is losing weight too, but since he weighs much more than I do, his weight of course comes off way more easily. I hate weighs-in! He always loses about 3 lb a week and I'm happy when it's 1...
Anyhoooow, we are all here and we'll make it! I have a trip planned for mid November (I'll see a lot of old friends) and I would really like to reach 155 (I'm 171-172 right now) so that would be 2lb/wk. I know I need to exercise otherwise there's no way I can make it!
I was doing really well eating 1000 cal a day (I wasn't even hungry that much during the day) but then I started cheating and now after 1500 cal I'm still hungry. Any suggestions on how to control this type of "emotional" hunger?!?!
Good luck to everyone!!!
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