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Originally Posted by nancymollerjacobs View Post
I hope you are successful. I too am a 40s [late] woman and battling the number that should never have shown up on my scale. My gym buddy and I have been going to the Y for about two years now and have seen little [her] to no [me] success. But I'm not giving up. Finding the Fit Day will let me know what I'm doing and it gives me the nudge to be very truthful. I hope to learn some from these forums and hope I can bbe helpful to others in the future.
This is the first time I've ever been involve with a blog.
I'm in my early 40's, and had been going to a gym with little to no success for YEARS. Anyway a friend of mine is a PT, and so as I was complaining to him about this problem, he cracked up. So of course I asked what was so funny about me NOT gaining any muscle or seeming to get in better shape and he said basically that a woman "my age" needed 1 hour of cardio/day minimum to get in shape, and that 30 minutes 3X week (which we've all been raised on) is only for people in great shape on vacation. Oh good grief you've got to be kidding me. But listening to him, I picked up the pace, and now I work out pretty much everyday, it varies, but I'm putting in probably 4-5 hours of cardio and 2-3 hours of weight training each week. However he was not on the money with one thing. Gaining muscle tone was as much or more about eating properly than it was about exercising. I try and keep my proteins between 30-40% and that my friends was key to gaining muscle tone. My arms used to be a source of embarrassment to me, I've kept them covered for DECADES, but now I'm wearing tank tops and getting compliments on them for the first time in my life.

Glad to have you on board MNrockstar, and good luck to you! I love your screen name by the way.
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