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Default Lost in the Sea of Dieting

Hi guys

I'm sure this has been posted multiple times before but I think each person is different when it comes to dieting, and I have to admit, i've been reading a lot about all the different kinds of diets and honestly have no idea which one i'm supposed to do, what i'm supposed to eat, its very confusing really.

A bit about me, I'm 211lbs, 22 years old and looking to reduce body fat and increase body muscle, I ate rather unhealthy for a long time however the past few weeks have sacrificed a lot of every day luxeries that I would eat and drink.

I would drink around 4-6 cokes a day, now I drink only water (with the 5 cal powder to make it taste nice!) My wife and I joined a gym and although haven't gone yet (going first time this Sat!) I think I should be focusing on weights first then cardio second.

now to my problem, I'm always hungry but have no idea what to eat, I try and control my calorie intake by using the Foods tab on the fitday online thing, and for now it seems to be working. Before starting the diet I was on 218lbs so I have lost 7 lbs already which isn't bad.

I'm really only eating Salad, nuts, boiled eggs, meat+salad sandwiches (on whole wheat bread) and then some meat + veg for tea.

My wife was saying I was going about it wrong, and that its not about calories its about carbohydrates, I've read that its not about carbs its about actually eating more to burn more, I've read that cutting yourself down to aroudn 1500 cals a day is the best way, there is just too many ways!


I'm a stay at home dad, due to living on a spousal visa only, so I am not allowed to work, we are active with our 4 kids(lets focus on the weight, not my life :P) and my dog, I just want to make sure that the diet I use and the program I will soon be beginning is going to give me the end results that I am after, rather than wasted effort.

Hope this made sense!

thanks for reading and any replies that may follow!
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