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The problem with WW is that is that it's focus IS only on caloric reduction. And more to the point about using their system of "food" products, and making sure to have repeat customers!

The problem will almost ALL weight loss programs that offer either a food system(or "support group" )in order to "help" you eat less create products that remove sugars and fats and add a LOAD of MSG. If you search those three letters online look for all the other names that this chemical is listed under-over 75. It is scary. Take the time to really understand how this chemical is going to jack up your body's ability to regulate its own blood sugar. Looks for it's history and the food industries history of usage.

You will find that there is no FDA regulation to this "natural flavor". As the chemical compounds are derived from seaweed, it is deemed not to be an issue. However over the last 30 years it has found its way into almost all "diet" and fast foods. Its main purpose is to enhance flavor. It does make you think food tastes better, it does make you eat more!

The real result is that it jacks up your metabolism. It also plays with your internal sensors which give you the message that you have not satisfied your hunger. in Chinese food-find yourself starving an hour later. Please do not believe me, do not take my word for it.... do your own research!

Motivation and positive feel goods are not going to help you over come a chemical reaction to food additives. And eating the "fad" diet of the month's program is not going to help you lose weight for that very reason. They are designed to make you fail.

Again, they need customers! Programs like these are designed to make you fail so that you go back time and time again to use their systems.

If you want to lose weight...stop dieting! Stop eating "diet" low fat food. Simply eat foods that are full of fat, such as full milk, yogurts, olive oils, flax seed oil, omega 3 oils, unprocessed veggies( you cook), whole grains (you cook), chicken, etc. And make sure to enjoy it!

For sure do the calorie counter daily.

Start eating food that only YOU cook at home. Add herbs, spices. Lots of water, veggies, fiber, beans, some meat, fruit, grains. This is what life style change really means. That is the practical way to make the diet change. Do not focus on the"why" I eat. You already know that if you have been in these systems. That is really focusing on the negative and keeping you mentally in the wounds that spur you. Shift it and go okay...I am triggered ..NOW meal....I am going to take care of that wound by eating this!! After all you would not put salt on a wound right?? One meal at a time

It is not about positive support therapeutic group speak. Want to do something different ?

Start having family and friends come over and bulk cook on the weekends, so you have the food you need for the week and put them in meal size ziplock's etc so you pull and thinking..just acting on the plan. So when that binge hovers, you have a plan!

Recipe exchanges..

Start studying at TOPS about proper nutrition, meal planning, crock pot cooking etc... Consider it a free university cource and you all get to make the lesson plans... take that time and start developing a skill base to support your desire to change your life.

Go for a small walk with each other! No matter your fitness level just more a little, with other people.

Start a food buying co-op to get food cheaper.

Then add the three meals you would have a day and split them into 6. Put a small timer at your meal times and put it for 20 minutes, that is how long it takes to do the biological process from food to mind to start to have the sensation of fullness, end of hunger. Have a serving and after that 20 minutes if you are still hungry have an apple.

What you are naming as emotional issues...can also be called blood sugar issues.- imbalances- While for certain dealing with emotional triggers is one way to change...but the hook is that most of you have been doing that for years and it does not work. I can not work because what supports your emotions IS biology. That is really what no one is telling you!!

So how about trying it from a biological perspective. S. Seriously, women get nailed time and time again about being emotional eaters, when it has more to do with not being taught proper nutrition. It is a set up to feel bad about yourselves.

Same symptoms ...panic, anxiety, worry, fuzzy thinking, dizzy, disoriented, crying spells, anger, short temper, cold, pale... LOW blood sugar- also known as trigger for emotional eating...but approaching the problem from a different vantage point.... proper diet and nutrition.

Seriously, the diet industry is set up to make you think it is all in your head. That way they get to control you. If these products worked... you would not be here today in this thread! If these systems would not be here in this thread. You would not have been on the fast track of yo-yo weight issues.

Take back the control and educate yourself on diet and nutrition. Sure it is going to take a while to re-learn lots of stuff. It is going to take a while to learn how to cook differently, menu planning, budgeting, health conditions and diet requirements. It is. But really you are already hyper focused on the issue, just in the wrong direction... move forward and stop referencing to the past, cause that is over and it did not work.

GOOD show for stopping WW.

best of luck and information to all of you!!

Take your life back, you are after all you are the only one who lives your body!
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