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My dad is not on WW but he likes their frozen desserts. Recently his blood pressure has gone all wonky, so his doctor told him he needs to shed a few pounds, add cardio to his daily routine and watch his salt intake. So my dad's solution to all this was to change his sub buns to slim buns, get reduced fat cheese instead of regular cheese and to change from ice cream to WW ice cream bars. When I looked at the labels side by side, he was better off eating the ice cream. Of course the WW comes in a single serve wrapper, whereas the dish of ice cream is always more than a suggested serving size, so maybe he's made a step in the right direction, I dunno.

Personally I only did WW when I was a teenager and my mom went to the meetings and made me diet along with her. I don't know that I ever had dramatic weight loss on it, but I certainly preferred it over the Slim Fast plan. At least with WW you got to eat food.
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