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Hey girlies! I didn't post anything yesterday It was a busy day for sure!
So its been a pretty good week, happy it's Friday though!! I managed to get the scale to move again, lost 2 pounds so far this week. The only thing I really changed was increasing my water to at least 100 ounces a day (UGH!) and adding another cup of green tea.
I'm pretty excited!!

Carol- my uncle just moved (actually he might STILL be driving) from here in Michigan. I'm not sure if you are anywhere near him, I think he's going to be on the out skirts of Phoenix. Atv'ing sounds like a blast! My grandparents used to pack up and head to Florida every year, but since my grandpa got real sick and passed away, my grandma has been here. But it's nice because now she's here for the Holidays with the great grandkids.

Thanks Melinda! I wish could do my workouts down there with you instead of in 6 degree snowing weather!! I'm so looking forward to taking my workouts outside again soon! We can definitely all be online motivaters for eacher other.

Harpoldn- I don't have a wii but I know a TON of people that do and they all love them. I've been doing more video's and things like that. I really thought about getting a wii because I saw the Jenny McCarthy thing, but I can't justify spending that much money on it yet!!

KMlucy58- CONGRATS on 7 pounds!! That is awesome! I have to go the doctor on Feb 16th and I'm trying to lose another 6.9 pounds by then. I'm hoping he'll be pround of me!! I have the same problem with the snacking. I've been eating the Quaker rice cakes instead of chips. They have alot of flavors and the crunch makes them comparable to chips for me. I love love love the cheddar cheese one. Oh and the chocolate!!

Ok everyone, have an amazing weekend!! Let's all be good together!!

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