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Hi Tam, welcome to the forums!

I used to live on soda, mostly diet soda but after a while that is as bad for you as regular since your body begins to react as if the sweetner is sugar.

What helped me make the transition is at Walmart.. they have something called Sam's Choice or Sam's Clear choice .. something like that. It isnt in the aisle with the soda.. its in the aisle where the water is.

The have a lot of flavors ( my favorite is Peach)... but basically it is carbonated water that is flavord with natural flavors. (The peach tastes like a peach without the weird aftertaste). There are no calories, no sweetner, no carbs no nothing.. and yet it is sooo good! It is a great way to get your water quota in as well... however I must warn you... once you have stopped the soda, you will find that food/hunger WILL be a problem for you. Drinking the soda 'kills' your appetite and you rarely feel hungry. Once its out of your system, you will be hungry!

I would suggest you come to the Sweet and Sassy in September thread. It is the best thread going :-) and its for people who have 100 or more lbs to lose.
You will find encouragement, suggestions, motivation and accountability there.

I was on Cumadin for a while and what I was told was that I could eat anything I had been eating already, just not to overdo it. Especially with things like salad and Vitamin K. Otherwise, you can still have them, just dont go wild with them. (I ended up having to get off Cumadin because I was also on Plavix and another drug that caused me to bleed internally).

Good luck on your journey!( I do not call it a diet since it is a lifestyle/ lifetime commitment) and check out Sweet and Sassy!

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