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As the title says I am a newbie here. I thought I would provide background and information on me to see if anyone else out there has my same issues. Mainly blood clots/fibromyalgia and arthrtis/psoriatic arthritis.

A little background on me...I have always struggled with my weight even as a child. I managed to lose weight in my teens but gained quickly after college/marriage.

I was 225 pounds when I got pregnant 3 years into my marriage (15 years ago now) and developed pre-elampsia/HELP Syndrome and had my son prematurely.

After my c-section I landed up back in the hospital twice for blood clots and after spending almost a full 2 months in the hospital and childbirth I was 285 pounds. I was very run down and sick after that all the time and the weight started adding up.

Eight years ago I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia. Activity levels continued to go on a downward spiral and in the last 15 years I gained much more weight.

I am now a whopping 358 pounds on a 5 foot 6 frame.

Since February 2010 I've been sick ALL the time. Bronchitis, sinus infections that will not go away and then I started what I thought was falling asleep at random times. Driving...while in midsentence talking even...and worst of all even "nodding off" at my desk at work AND being caught at it. You'd think I'd say driving but honestly I NEED my job and LOVE it too so nodding off at work and being talked to by my boss was a HUGE deal and scared me badly.

I thought I maybe had sleep apnea and so did my boss. Then before I could get in to talk to my doctor about a sleep test, my right arm began to hurt badly and swell.

I thought it was my lymph nodes from a sinus infection I couldn't shake after 3 rounds of antibiotics. Turned out it was a blood clot. Once I got in the hospital on August 20th they found a number of clots in both legs, both lower lobes of my lungs and in my right arm. They were unsure what caused the clots, weight can play an issue with clotting but there is a possibility that I have something called Thrombophillia...basically the exact opposite of Hemophillia. Doctors decided that my "sleeping" and "nodding off" were not that at all but I was passing out from lack of oxygen because of the number of clots in my lungs and the rest of my body. Yikes!

I returned to work last Tuesday and today went to see a nutritionist for the first time. I was apprehensive about it, diets just never work out well for me and I gain back more than I lose but after talking to her I feel much better. After tallying up my food on a regular day when I wasn't "dieting" we discovered I had only consumed 1500 calories or so of food.

Food isn't my problem, overeating isn't my problem.

My problem is anywhere from 3 to 6 Dr. Pepper's a day. I was consuming the bulk of my calories in soda pop rather than from food. So I do have to stop drinking it, but she knows how hard it is to cut out a drink like that which has become so addictive so I am allowed 1 can a day as long as I add it to my calories. I begin on that tomorrow. The nutritionist wants me to lose just 35 pounds first and see how I feel physically before starting an excercise program. She thinks it will be easier on my body based on my medical condition to do this. So my first goal is 35 pounds but my overall goal is 210 pounds.

So, I guess after all that I'll ask what others have done who had a soft drink addiction to break the habit since it along with a sedentary lifestyle seems to be the biggest factor in my weight gain over the years.

I also wonder if anyone else is on coumadin for blood thinning? If so maybe we can share recipes and things to help avoid the foods we shouldn't eat (which are the best for diets oddly enough.)

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