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Default Getting my own omelet

Nearly every Sunday for the last several years we've had brunch at this diner near the church we attend. It's something to do while the kiddies go to Sunday school. Anyway when I first started dieting, it was a problem because the menu is NOT diet food. Anyhoo, the head waitress and I have worked out an omelet that's within my calories and not a stretch for the cooks. It's 3 egg whites, mushrooms, green pepper, tomatoes, onions and very light cheese, with 2 pieces of dry whole wheat toast. Anyway we went to brunch this past Sunday and she says to me do I want my usual or do I want a "Skinny Miss Amy's vegetarian omelet"? And I was like "What"? So she explained that they've been going over their menu and making changes, getting ready to comply with the Obama health plan. When the owner saw how many calories were in some of their dishes she was like . So she started asking the cooks for ideas and they told her about my usual, and that I had lost a ton of weight eating it. So now I'm getting my own omelet at this teeny tiny diner most of you will never eat at, but if you do happen to order one, it now comes with a full ounce of reduced fat cheese. Pretty cool eh?
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