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Originally Posted by justawalker View Post
Very cool. Do you workout? I notice on your log you eat a lot of veggies and a relatively small amount ot protien. Have you always pollowed this plan? Just curious. were you on a certain calorie deficiet?
Yes, I work out, joined a gym back in March'09. I used to go 3-5x a week, but have since tapered it back to 3x a week and I'll do resistance training w/ machines & free weights.
I also started increasing my cardio on the tredmill & ellip back in January of this year. Once my legs & knees started to feel stronger, I started to jog around my local park before I would go to work. My goal was to start running 5k events and I just recently ran my fourth 5k race (last weekend) and I started running 5k's in July.

I've been at a plateau for the last month or so and decided to really focus on a consistent calorie deficit (between 500 to 1,000 calories) and try to cut back on carbs and really cut back on beers.....I love my Heinekens (although I went overboard this last weekend).
I'll also turn on my activities so ya'll can see my workouts.

My other mini goal is to get to 10% body fat by this October, which is still few weeks away, I just hope I can maintain my weight till then.....

I'll post some before & after pics later.
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