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Originally Posted by Lizzycritter View Post
About 25 lbs and a new set of scrubs is where I started to hear it. I'm also able to wear my hair up at work now, I've been growing it out. A lot more people are noticing now that my hair is up. No more double chin and I have cheekbones again . The dark circles are worse now that my face is thinner, genetics are to blame for that-deep set Irish eyes. And the upper arms are a little flabby but that's OK because my sleeves aren't too tight anymore.
Good grief we are related. That was one negative thing for me and losing weight was the dark circles under my very Irish eyes. But a trip to Florida and some nice summer color has fixed it for the moment. My arms got pretty flabby too, but I've been going to OT for my shoulder, which has actually made quite a difference in my upper body, and the extra muscle is taking up the slack, as it were...
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