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Originally Posted by emarcatkin140 View Post
From the beginning of this New Year resolution, I've been using to track my calories, protein, sodium, nutrients, etc.

My estimated weightloss math was based on "900 calories equals 1 pound lost". WRONG.
All other sources say "3,500 calories equals 1 pound lost."

And yet, based on my 900 cal/lb math (2570 base cal, 1800 cal diet, 200 cal burned in exercise) I have lost 10 lbs in 11 days. These are the "first" pounds, so they traditionally come off easier than the later ones, thus I've been able to loose them mostly with diet and a little bit of increased activity.

But since my math cannot be right, how am I loosing this weight?!?
you need to burn 3.500 cal to lose 1 pound of fat
a quick weight loss in the beginning of any diet is mostly a "water weight" (body loses excess of water).
especially if you were eating lots of processed foods previous to the diet and then started a more wholesome healthy diet
so be prepared that eventually your weight loss will slow down a little
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