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Originally Posted by Fawnlina View Post
New to this so maybe I'm not doing it right. Couldn't find sunflower seeds still in the hull and seasoned. So I just guessed how many seeds in a cup of unhulled seeds...leaves it all to guess work or having to calculate it somehow which is why I liked this little program...I didn't have to do that myself.
It would be nice if the search were a little more robust.

Just today I had some slices of roast beef sandwitch meat and tried to put them in, but nothing. I could find everything from roast beef sandwitches to roast duck, but no plain old roast beef. In some other search I found "beef, roasted" of some sort, but I haven't been able to duplicate that search.

It's kinda frustrating when you know exactly what you want to find and you're sure it absolutely must be there, but can't find it.
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