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Smile lost weight lost inches damn happy

Well I started this journey 7/11/10 at 230 lbs I had one pair of 38 waist panys that I was wearing every day bebause that is all that fit yuck!!!!!!

After changing my eating habits and excercising religiously. I have made a big step towards my goal of 31 waist lower body fat and 200 lbs.

Went to the store and purchased and wore 33 inch waist pants and tipped the scale at 210 this morning I am stoked. Starting to get some tone, losing love handles, feeling great. I now think my new goal is going to be 190 and in excellent shape. I am going to do it this time and make it stick.

I am shooting for my 51st birthday on Jan 14th 2011. I will do it and I will look and feel the best I have in years.
On cholestrol medicine and BP meds right now but hope to be free from that medicine by that date.

Well that is all good luck and thanks fitday and you all for the push I needed!!

Well I am off to the kitchen for my cottage cheese and pineapple break then off to the gym in a couple hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
50 years old 5'11"
started: July 11th 2010
Highest Weight 238LBS aug 19th 2009
Starting fitday weight: 230 lbs (38" waist)
weight: 214.6lbs Aug 27th
weight 213 lbs Sept 1st
weight 211.4 lbs Sept 4th
weight 210.2 lbs Sept 11th
weight 207.4 lbs oct. 12th
weight 203 lbs Nov 6th ( 32" wist)
1st goal met weight 200 lbs( November 11th 2010
202.8 1/4/11
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