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I'm cracking up over luckygirl's mom wearing the high waisted pants and shorts and looking horrendous. I hate to say this, but the higher the waist the slimmer you look in them, it's a question I battle everyday, "in fashion" vs "thinner looking" (eeny meany miney mo). This new low waist line might be all the rage, but you have to be so stinking skinny to make them look good, and heaven forbid you bend over or squat down and show off a little crack (or more than a little). I'm glad that this season shirts are longer, that's all I'm saying...

BTW wanda, glad to hear that you've lost inches, and it rocks that your waist/hip ratio has improved. I have the exact opposite problem, my fanny is at least a size (more like 2) larger than my waist, so I usually have "baggy waist" or "pants won't say up" issues. It used to be much worse, but then I had kids, which was a fix in the wrong direction if you know what I'm saying.
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