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Default Whoo hoo! Lost inches!

Since starting, I've lost a total of two inches around my waist and one inch around my hips! Yeah!

I'm not only happy that I'm losing inches, but that I'm losing more around my waist than my hips. It's always been hard for me to fit into any off-the-shelf size, because my waist measurement corresponds to one size, and my hip measurement corresponds to two or three sizes below that. So, I can either have a baggy butt or severe muffin top. I usually compromise and have both. Very attractive! (Actually, I discovered yoga pants recently, and wear them all the time. That helps a lot. I have one pair that I actually have to hold onto while I walk, or they start to fall down. Tee hee!)

Anyway it's nice to see that waist/hip ratio starting to even out a little.

One thing I'm not entirely sure on, is where are you supposed to measure your waist? I've heard around the belly button, where you bend (when bending to the side), and the smallest part. All three of those are slightly different, for me. I've been measuring at the smallest part, which is way higher than any pants waistband would ever come. (Unless I was wearing some kind of 70's fashions, I suppose.)

I guess the important thing is to be consistent, but I still wonder.
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