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Fitday is a good tool. I have gently yo-yoed back and forth for half my life (varying between single-digit bodyfat and low 20s). I expect it and I am mostly ok with it, actually. Staying sub 10% bodyfat requires constant attention. It isn't ideal moving back and forth, but I do know my habits and my likes and how my body works and the only approach that works for me is watching, diligently, calories. I have been in incredible shape before (I'm not bragging; none of you know me, but trying to make a point) and I've spoken with enough other people in incredible shape to know that, to a one (literally), they are conscious of their diet and restrict themselves. For some it's harder than others; I know people who will opt for fruit before junk food. I'm not one of them (most of us aren't), but whether you go heavy or light on the exercise the unifying factor in success is calorie deficit. And it takes work. I have never, ever met somebody who was ripped up and muscular and eats what they want when they want. No amount of chemical trickery can get around this. Maybe one day, but not yet.
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