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Default My Top 5

1. Food/Calorie Tracking - like on FitDay! I find it helps remind me of portion sizes and makes me ask the critical "is this worth xx calories?" before I put anything in my mouth.

2. Club Soda/Perrier Water - bubbles without all the calories! Takes some getting used to but cuts out all those useless sugar calories in pop and juice - and great for when you get sick of ice water.

3. Prepackaged 100 Calorie Snacks - ok, they`re way over priced, and the wasteful packaging is atrocious but they help enjoy the snacks you crave without over eating! Definitely worth it when you`re first getting started.

4. Pictures of me at my goal weight - wish I would have put more effort into staying there, but oh well. Seeing proof that I`ve been there before helps remind me that I can get there again!

5. Exercise class - I hate working out, and it seems when I`m on a machine at the gym I can always find 1000 reasons to stop and quit early. If I`m in a class (tae-bo, boxercise is my favourite!) it`s way harder to leave part-way through when everyone is looking at you!

Hope these help - good luck!
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