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Thumbs up How to do a Recipe on FitDay.

Homemade vegetable soup is great on cold days and full of nutrition. Trying different recipe calculators on a variety of websites did not get me the results I wanted. So I improvised with FitDay.

How to make a recipe:
1) Click ahead a couple of days in your Food Log
2) Enter all the ingredients (including spices) for your (recipe) soup; using correct weights and measures.
3) When complete, go to bottom of Food log and click on nutrition.
4) Now you have the recipe and nutrition facts ready to be printed off!
5) Go to upper right side of page and click on 'printer friendly' and print off list.
6) Now go into your Custom Foods and create a new food item.

How simple was that! Make sure you measure after cooking to get the amount of product; to make it easier for you to divide you custom food by.

I made slow cooker soup with russet, red and sweet potato in a low sodium (organic -on sale) chicken broth (1Litre/4c) and added 1L water. It made an entire slow cooker of soup. I estimated my batch of soup was 10c; so now, when I record it on my Food Log - and I have 1c of soup - I enter the amount = .1 (I actually had 3c so I put in .3 )

Before you get all up in the air about lack of protein and high carb - I had already cooked my LGT (lean ground turkey) the other day and I added 100 grams to my soup! I cooked LGBeef for the DH, so he could add his own meat to his dish.

I hope this helps, Carren
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