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Hi, my name is Jaimie an im from Houston, Texas. I am 25 years old & married to my husband for almost a year. We been together for 7 years. My determination for losing weight is so we can start a family. I have a long ways to go as far as shedding these many extra pounds. I've been chunky most my life, weight has gone up an down many times, but tryin to lose it all for good. My goal is to lose 125 lbs. Its alot, but its gotta be done. Its embarassing, but my weight is 245. Ha, my husband nor my best friend dont even know how much i weigh. I'm embarassed, ashamed. Another reason im on here is cause my best friend is movin, she is my support right now & when she leaves, i dont know what im gonna do. I'm tryin to get my husband on the weight loss track, but hes not quite there yet.You HAVE to be willing & REALLY wanting to do it, i understand. I really just need some support & motivation for when i have them tough days, which i know there will be MANY.
I have lost bout 15 lbs so far these past few months, my heaviest was bout 260 & i will NEVER get there again!! So, thats my story & would love some motivation & just meet new people goin through the same things i am. Thanks & good luck to everyone!
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