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Originally Posted by 160to125 View Post
Ive tried a lot- ephedrine based gave me panic attacks and limited results, and non ephedrine based just didnt work! Even Hoodia disappointed... Ive got to agree with everyone above- your own willpower and determination is the best diet pill you'll ever have!

Having said that Ive recently ordered some Capsiplex and will report on their effectiveness when I get them- supposedly they help you burn extra 300kcals per workout! But like I say, I'll update you on results- these were the ones that seemed more promising than others to me anyway...
I used a home made ECA stack (ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin) years back when it was still a bit "fringe" and hadn't been packaged up and available in stores like GNC and before kids starting killing themselves on it. I can tell you it really did seem to work for me. However, the last time I tried something (some years ago, but years after the first time) I also felt panicky. I frankly think they are overall dangerous and I apply that to most of these chemicals.

Some of the chemical supplementation can work but the side effects are either obvious or possibly at the very least subtly nefarious. I do know that, so far, medical science has not struck on any silver bullet approach.

Still to this day you're basically looking at either a stomach stapling for severe weight loss or an adjustment to lifestyle (exercise and/or conscious diet changes).

Diet pills have a storied history of causing dependency. They are, at best, a temporary solution and one that sets the user up to likely failure. This includes all the rubbish ones like Sensa, which I now hear about all over tv/radio.
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