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Arrow Eating Disorders Exposed = Motivation for me?

Is it wrong that I watched a TV episode about a girl who goes nuts with an eating disorder and that actually motivated me to lose 10 pounds?

I didn't lose the weight by barfing or starving--I'm positive I never had nor do have an eating disorder so none of you out there worry about me.

Basically, in the episode, a very attractive girl is really strict on her calorie intake and what foods she chooses to put in her body. She also exercises like a maniac. It then progresses to her not eating and throwing up her food.

Anyways, I know this is kind of disturbed or whatever but I started caring about what I ate--like not putting crap like pizza into my body--and working out every day as well and it worked.

The problem came about a month later when the motivation wore off and I went back to not working out and eating like donkey.

So now I'm A)Looking for new motivation (hopefully less disturbing motivation) and B)wondering if this has happened to anyone else?
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