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thanks ron ...... i guess you could say tht i am just on a low carb diet.... somedays i stay in ketosis and other days i struggle keepin carbs to below 30grams just seems impossible not cause i am cheatin just tht they are in everything but my intake of carbs stays around 30 to 60 grams ..... yea i read tht 1 gram of protein was good but on keto your ratio of fat to protein is like 4 to 1 with carbs intake under 30 grams... im like if i am gonna do it i want to do it right my wife tried this diet her headaches got the best of her and she is slowly back to intakin sugar and "good" carbs she calls them.... i tell none of them are good if it makes you feel this bad without them what are they really doing to us when we eat them lol .......well i hope to hear from you soon take care have a great day thirsty thursday lol dnt forget to water today lol
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