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Wink 57 and learning to be a loser!

Originally Posted by scareymary View Post
LOL um no. I have low thyroid and menopause. Others may lose 2 or 3 lbs and i will eat the same and exercise the same and lose 1/2 lb. Losing weight, for me, is very hard. My body hangs on to each pound like a lifeline. I have exercised 5 times a week for an hour each and seen no drop in weight.
Mary: I know about that menopause - what a drag. I have diabetes too! That is what kick started me to lose my 100#(or more). Hang in there. It may be a slow process for both of us due to our age but 1/2# a week is still a loss! I focus on ANY loss and hope for 1# - anymore than that and I am 'happy dancing' in my bathroom. I figure it took me 40 years to get this big, I can weight 2 years to get thinner. I am not in a hurry.

The only exercise I do is walk. I started at 8 minutes a day a year ago and have steadily been able to increase my stamina to 60 minutes - once/twice a week. I can now walk up our hill without stopping. I accept all small victories.
Just keep moving.

Do you track your food and journal on FD? Maybe you are not eating enough calories for your body - if you are exercising so much. The body may see you as 'starving' yourself and holding onto the food for survival. I also read, recently, not enough water can be a cause of lack of weight loss, something I need to learn to do.

If you need a buddy - I am online from 5am-7am MST Alberta, Canada.

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