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OH I totally agree too. I am loosing so slowly compared to others. But It is working and my non diet is really not hard to do. I am comfortable with what I am eating. I do not deprive myself at all. Except instead of eating a huge slice of pie I eat a tiny sliver. Slowly............. Savor every bite one cherry at a time. LOL I am not having to cook special things for myself or husband . He is not on a diet. We have always eaten mostly home cooked foods. I made lasagna last week but it was my home version and really not all that bad. I used very little cheese and low fat cottage cheese. And it was delicious.

Fit day accountability is a good thing. Some times I will just check to see what it will cost me in calories fat carbs verses nutrition before eating something and that helps me to make better choices too. I am really happy I came across this site. I wish the weight loss were faster but this way I am pretty sure it will be gone for sure as there is no diet to ever go off of. I am not really dieting I am just being more aware of what I am eating.

Also some one told me about switching it up with higher and lower calorie days. I do think that helps. The weight is coming off a little faster now. So I will take what I get and be really happy for it.

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